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Day 47.

Sunday Fun Day! They don't call it Sunday Flattering Day, so this outfit isn't really fabulous at all, but it was completely free! The entire outfit was a gift on various occasions, which is pretty lucky. I spent the morning watching golf and that's basically how the rest of the afternoon will play out with me doing laundry on the side. Then later I'll make my way outside into the beautiful sunshine for some activity. Just wanted to be comfortable and relaxed today.
Day 47.
Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Tee $0; Andrew got it for me at the Super Bowl, Nike Capris $0; Birthday gift from Andrew's mom, Under Armour Socks $0; Christmas gift from Andrew's mom. 

I'm not exactly sure what they cost, but if you want to invest in some socks these are the best. Wearing them is seriously like walking on a cloud, and that's before you're even in shoes, then it's a whole other level of comfort!