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Day 177.

Oh the joy of a good hat, I slept in really really late this morning, ironically on a day when I was trying to wake up earlier than usual, and barely had a second to get ready. I hadn't showered the night before, so I obviously had to, but there was no time for washing and styling my hair. This is where the hat comes into play, I love hats as it is, but they can definitely be a lifesaver in a bind. Since I was wearing a brighter colored had, the rest of my outfit could be slightly underplayed and simple; blazer, v-neck, which I tucked for a crisper look, skinnies and a good pair of flats, add a cute necklace, voila! Ready to go in 5 minutes!

Day 177.
Express Knit Blazer $35, Old Navy V-Neck Tee $8, American Eagle Skinny Jean $20, Old Navy Flats $9, 1773 Fedora $7, Forever 21 Heart Pendant $6

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