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Day 196.

Today I had a couple of errands to run, but it was supposed to be my day to relax, clean and catch up on everything; work, homework, etc. I woke up early this morning, started cleaning and doing laundry immediately, and thought I was off to a good start. Well, as usual, life gets in the way, one thing lead to another, and I had a million unscheduled things to do. This putting all my planned activities wayyy behind schedule! You'd think I'd be used to this by now, hah but not quite. Who knows maybe this'll be my first all nighter as a college student!
I just got this sweater on a great deal! It was marked down at Banana Republic, and was an additional 40% off, I got this ninety dollar sweater for a whopping thirty-five. Awesome!! I really love it, because I envisioned it comfy, cozy in the fall with some knee high boots and a cute satchel. It was also nice on a not so cold day, because it's loosely knit in the back, leaving it breezy!

I also bought the sweater TWO sizes TOO big, for the perfect look; will also look great with leggings!
Day 196.
Banana Republic Sweater $35, American Eagle Skinnies $20, Rainbow Flip Flops $10

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