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Day 198.

The outfit is relatively simple, let me tell you a funny story about this necklace. I ordered this necklace on eBay for fourteen dollars, a couple days later I met with Salvador and he kindly gave me this same necklace in silver!! I couldn't believe it, how stinking generous, and what are the odds! Moral of the story it is now my absolutely favorite accessory, or more so, they are absolutely my favorite accessories!!

Did some slight research; this necklace is a Marc by Marc Jacobs special item sold exclusively in stores, for only seven dollars. AMAZING, if you have a store near you, go get one!
Day 198. 
Express Denim Jacket $25, Billabong Skirt $19, Forever 21 Gray Tee $0; Gift, Marc By Marc Jacobs Wishbone Necklace $14
Fun tidbit, entered a Teen Vogue photo contest about a month ago, didn't win, but never really thought much more about it. Well anyways, when I submitted my photo they said the first however many applicants got a free gift from Coach; once again, never thought much about it. Low and behold, here is my free Poppy by Coach mini fragrance, YAY! Who doesn't love free stuff :D


  1. love the motion in the first pic!


  2. thanks I was of course thinking of you at the time!

  3. i love your blog. :)

    following you now, follow back ? :)


  4. thanks!! love your blog too!!

  5. Very cute and chic outfit! I love denim and black together! And that necklace is darling!


  6. thanks shels!! I'm obsessed with this necklace!!