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Day 212.

Can I just say I love how these photos came out today (hence why there's so many)! Great job Elise, even though you probably weren't even trying ;)! They just have a sort of feel I really can't explain, they give off kind of a summertime vibe, maybe a little 90s, and grunge, and tribal..maybe! I told you I can't explain it! Either way, I really like this outfit, I envisioned the whole thing laying in bed last night, and it was one of those perfect mornings where you just put all the pieces together without stopping to see what they look like, and voila! Everything falls into place perfectly. The only thing I added at the last minute were the two wishbone necklaces. I chose to wear them together, because the military inspired jacket made me think of them as dog tags.

Day 212.
Kirra Tribal Dress $10, Black Poppy Anorak $17, Black Tights $4, MIA Combat Boots $35, Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace one $14, one $0;Gift