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Day 222.

Don't judge how I look too much!! We had to get up at 4:45am on Sunday to head back to California, so I was tired! This is my first post wearing my glasses, which I kept on because I thought it would be easier to fall asleep on the plane; that didn't happen! Anyways, what I chose to wear on the flight home was based on packing sensibility. My suitcase was jam packed from buying some goodies, so I had to wear some of my bulkier things, like these heeled boots, and the knit blazer! I chose to wear the scarf, just to be cozy on the plane and I had to wear the fedora, because it would have gotten smashed in my luggage! Embarrassing story; I put all my dirty laundry from the trip in the front pocket of my suitcase, which in turn made my suitcase much bulkier. Andrew was trying to put it in the overhead bin, and the flight attendant told me I had to take some stuff out! Well, she gave me a clear plastic bag, which I had to put all my dirty clothes in and carry through the airport! 

View from the courtyard of a French cafe we had lunch at one day, it was like we were in our own little world, completely enclosed by apartment buildings, with lots of trees and ivy!
Day 222.
Express Blazer $35, Forever 21 Scarf $6.80, American Eagle Skinnies $20, White T-Shirt $5, Barefoot Boots $40, 1773 Fedora $7

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