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Day 237.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out this outfit, and even after wearing it all day, and reflecting on these photos, I'm not entirely sure I love it. Sweater, LOVE, denim, LOVE, everything in between LOVE, just not TOGETHER. I couldn't decide what to wear under the sweater to change it up from last week, and I thought this crochet top would be cool. It didn't look right untucked (lays funny), so I belted it, but I'm not really positive that was the right choice either. Then came the hard part deciding the shoes, between these brown boots, and my new little wedges I'm head over heels for. Hmmm.. Oh, and the necklace, completely random, doesn't exactly match. This outfit is more of a work in progress..thoughts?

Day 237.
Renee C. Sweater $15, Forever 21 Crochet Tank $16, Banana Republic Skinnies $45, Forever 21 Rope Belt $4.80, Barefoot Boots $40

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