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Day 239.

I actually wore this outfit last week on Tuesday, but I have a hard time getting a good picture on Tuesdays since I'm at school ALL day. Everything is exactly the same, except for my haircut, the bangs are back! This was an interesting outfit choice for me, and that's because it wasn't exactly a choice. I woke up that morning took a shower and threw this sweater on with sweatpants. I had to finish my illustration midterm, due that day of course, and just grabbed the closest thing. I was working up until the last minute, before I had to leave and literally just grabbed a pair of jeans and my TOMS and ran out the door. I guess it works, its obviously very, very casual, but I do enjoy a day when I get to wear my TOMS.

Day 239.
Uniqlo Sweater roughly $12.50; came in set, American Eagle Skinnies $20, White Glitter TOMS $54

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