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Day 259.

So lately I've been becoming more and more obsessed with Pinterest and if you don't know what that is, check it out. It's basically just a huge, online inspiration board that you get to share with strangers, as well as view theirs. Well anyway I've been spending lots of time browsing around on there, and there are so many great DIY projects, it's getting me really excited for when I have some time off to do some crafts! The other day I saw a post about making your own scarves out of t-shirts, then I remembered that I have one my cousin Emily made me! It was buried away with my winter clothes, because I got it for Christmas last year in Ohio, but it's actually very lightweight! Low and behold here it is, and I'm probably going to wear it all the time now, because it's so fun! If you want to make your own click for the steps HERE where you can find a whole bunch of different styles! We all have tons of old t-shirts probably from high school, that we don't want to throw out but have too many to ever where them all for our workouts!
 Admire the below picture, this is Elise's idea of a model shot..me squatting in the bushes..hmm
Day 259.
Kirra Black Cardigan $20, White T-Shirt $5, Banana Republic Skinnies $45, nicole Boots $12, Neff Beanie $0; Andrew's Closest, T-Shirt Scarf $0; Gift ($0 for anyone with old t-shirts!!!!) 

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