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Day 274.

Ever pack up a whole bunch of old clothes to get rid of, then never exactly get rid of any of it? Well, if you have, and if you still have that bag lying around, maybe giving some pieces a second chance can inspire you! I'm planning on moving soon, as is my sister, and while packing up some of her stuff we went through a large bag of donation clothes that have been packed up for almost a year! It was like going shopping, I had thought this stuff was long gone. This jacket was in there, and I think it's going to be a great piece for this upcoming Spring. It gave me the idea to start packing up portions of my clothes for a couple months, because not seeing them multiple times a day may help pieces seem fresh and new again! 

Day 274.
Aeropostale Polka Dot Jacket about $30; Mom bought it in like 11th grade, Banana Republic Skinnies $45, Old Navy Booties $22, DIY Bracelets about $7

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