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Day 294.

I love fashion magazines. The excitement of a new one coming in the mail, even if you've already seen the covers and the articles online, is the best. The internet doesn't compare to a fresh stack of shiny glossies you can cut, and rip and glue! Confession: I'm a magazine hoarder. Even if I've torn one to shreds I just can't seem to throw it away. They're my archives, and one day there may be something to reference. Well, we recently moved and sadly I have THREE suitcases full of magazines. It seems it's time to get rid of some. I had an idea to just start ripping out any little thing that caught my attention, because keeping 10,000 clippings takes up a lot less space than 200 magazines. It's sort of like therapy, just ripping the hearts out of all these mags.

Day 294.
Gap Pink Sweater $0; Took from sissy's donation bag, Liz Clairborne Button Down $6, Banana Republic Skinnies $45, Ciao Bella Flats $30

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