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Day 307.

Well, it is true, I do learn something new everyday. Most recent enlightenment, the flaps in the back of suit jackets open! HA! Who would have thought? I'm sure this is common knowledge to just about every person on the planet, but all the times I couldn't figure out why my jacket was laying goofy in the back, this never crossed my mind. It was still stitched together! Well behold my latest outfit, wore my jacket closed all day, because it finally fits right! Also, the striped tee I wore underneath is actually cropped, wearing the jacket closed, you can't even tell!

Day 307.
Express Blazer $35, Lucca Couture Striped Tee $8, Banana Republic Skinnies $45, Calvin Klein Pumps $70, RayBan Sunglasses $0; Gift

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