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Day 332.

Sunshine after the rain. I love fashion for a long list of reasons, but the greatest thing about it is, you have 100% freedom over your personal style. Fashion gives me the opportunity to dress like a punk rock boy two days in a row, then turn around and dress like a grandma chic girly girl the next. Personal style gives us the chance to express ourselves, our feelings, our passions, our likes through what we wear, on a daily basis. And our feelings, passions and likes may not always be the same, so why should our style?

Day 332.
Madewell Cardigan $28, Tresics Tee $6, Forever 21 Polka Dot Skirt $23, Forever 21 Oxfords $12, WetSeal Bead Necklace $8, PacSun Bead Necklace $9

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