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Day 335.

Since basically the beginning of clothing, animal prints, or way back then, animal furs, were considered a symbol of power. You would really only see the prints on kings or other rulers, until finally around the 60s women began adding it to their wardrobes as well. To show they too were powerful, or maybe just a little wild. This week I've been in 100% go-mode; I'm getting close to the end of the semester, I have all kinds of projects to do, lots of homework to catch up on, and a small clothing line to produce. (details soon) This week I've channeled every last bit of my energy into checking things off my to do list. Yesterday I felt accomplished, even a little powerful perhaps, and looking back now, probably subconsciously wore this top to prove that.

Day 235.
Old Navy Leopard Top $8,  Banana Republic Skinnies $45, Geometric Necklace $3; eBay, MIA Combat Boots $45

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