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Day 346.

I like the idea of dressing up graphic tees by pairing them with fun skirts. I'm wearing the Effortless Beauty v-neck from my debut clothing company, Cursive Aesthetic. Cursive Aesthetic is similar to Tom's Shoes in that, whenever someone buys a tee, a gift is given to someone without sight or suffering vision loss. This tee which retails for $38 gives four pairs of glasses and eye testing through the Sightsavers Organization. The front says, 'Effortless Beauty,' in braille. Since loss of sight is a common trending issue in my family, I'm very passionate about helping those who can't see the beauties of the world we all take for granted.

Day 346.
Black Poppy Anorak $17, Cursive Aesthetic Tee $38, Kirra Maxi Skirt $14, Matiko Boots $30

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