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Day 358.

I guess the real question comes down to, is it appropriate to wear tights in spring and summer? I opted for tights, because the dress is shorter, and my nice, pale legs just aren't ready for that kind of open air commitment to everyone I see each day. Also, it was irregularly gloomy this day, so if I hadn't had tights on I would have been freezing! The colors are a little deep and rich for spring, but the delicate lace does help brighten up the look. Well, talk amongst yourselves and decide how much of a faux paus this is!

Day 358.
Black Poppy Military Jacket $17, Coincidence & Chance Lace Dress $20, Xhileration Orange Tights $1.50, Forever 21 Oxfords $12, Forever 21 Owl Pendant $6.80

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