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Flare Faux Paus.

Remember those flares we were talking about the other day? Here's my first attempt at them, and you know how sometimes when you try new things you just aren't sure? Well, now looking back I'm SURE these pants are too short for these shoes. We all have our fashion mishaps, and when standing barefoot these jeans were very long, bunched up on the floor, but here they're just a little too wide and a little too short. Instead of lengthening my legs as the desired effect, they are actually cutting my legs apart making them look extra stubby. In the mirror before work I was on the brink, I should have went with my gut and realized with a platform like these the hem should basically be covering the whole shoe to get the look I wanted. I'm sure these babies will reemerge for my 2nd attempt next week. Here's to trying! 

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