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Room for Flexibility - In Your Wardrobe.

Fall is my favorite season for dressing, it's all about layering and bundling up. I just can't have enough open knit sweaters, and in an average week I'll probably wear my leather jacket at least four times. During this season we have the most options for dressing, because let's be honest you can physically wear more items at a time. Sometimes though we get stuck in a comfort rut, so we, myself included start wearing the same thing over and over just because we want to be warm and cozy. I have a solution, think about mixing in some prints; print jackets, a print blazer, perhaps an all-over print graphic tee or maybe a graphic sweatshirt. You can still layer and be cozy all you want, but this will keep your looks from becoming dull. A good print blazer is great because it's one more layer for warmth, but it keeps your look classic and seemingly put together. This one I'm wearing is from H&M and it is perfect for layering because it has some spandex in it giving it lots of room and flexibility for all the pieces I want to pair it with.

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