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Attention Shoppers.

Holiday shopping is among us, this weekend being the biggest push of the season. As you're bouncing from store to store you may start to feel your feet hurt, or perhaps you're too hot, or maybe you're just sick of trying things on. To ensure your shopping experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, follow these simple guidelines.

- Your main layer should be a piece you can easily take on and off when 
trying on clothes = flannel
- Obviously wear comfortable shoes, ones you can walk in for long periods of time and get on and off easily = zipper ankle boots (avoid laces)
- Versatile bottoms are key for trying on boots as well as seeing an array of different tops and sweaters = skinny jeans
-You're going to be running around all day, make sure you have an easy layer for changing temperatures from hot to cold = vest
- Simple accessories, you want less pieces hanging off your body, especially if other layers will be coming on and off all day = watch, this way you stay on top of your perfectly executed schedule

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