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Vanity Planet Takes Over my Vanity.

Most of you may know make up really isn't my strong suit, when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories putting together outfits is just totally second nature for me, but when it comes to styling my own hair and make up I am a little clueless. Cue the Vanity Planet Essential Contour Kit, this no brainer contouring palette literally spells it all out for you and comes with an illustration to help you understand basic contouring. Now with updating your daily beauty routine comes updating to a new professional set of make up brushes; this Vanity Planet Professional Make Up Brush Collection comes in a beautiful leather case easy for storage or packing on the go and seriously has every tool you'll need for your daily make up routine. To share my love and excitement for my new set, I'm sharing a discount code for 70% off your own set of brushes: BBPalette70 happy shopping and share your love for your new brushes with me on Instagram by tagging me @kirbymorris

Vanity Planet Contour Kit here, Vanity Planet Make Up Brush Set here

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