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Home Spa with Exuviance.

If most of you are like me then it's also hard for you to find the time and the money to regularly indulge in spa treatments. I'm very busy between my full time job and blogging and of course on my days off I want to spend my time outdoors with Andrew and our dog or visiting family. And not that you can't treat yourself to a spa visit once in a while it's just typically not in my routine. I was so excited to get to try the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial, because it the treatment of a trip to the spa right in the comfort of your own home, and it works super quick! For the past week I've been using it every couple days and it's so easy; after cleansing your face, apply the oxygen facial to your damp skin and let it sit, after a couple of minutes you will feel it start to foam, which is the most soothing and refreshing feeling, once it finishes foaming it will basically evaporate and then you can give your face a quick rinse and voila! Five minutes tops and you will feel totally refreshed! Regular, repeat spa treatments at home for $65 total.

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