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My Take on the Capsule Wardrobe.

My Take on the Capsule Wardrobe.

I’ve been spending a lot of time chatting with some of my favorite blogger ladies of Asheville about capsule wardrobes. After much discussion, we all realized that our individual takes are totally different, and that’s okay, but all have similar themes in terms of building your wardrobe. I wanted to share my take on the capsule wardrobe, and what that term means to me.

My capsule wardrobe is a pretty loose take on the definition and more of a guideline for building a strong foundation to your closet, with a conscious effort in thinking about the pieces I’m adding. I personally know the kind of dresser I am, and know I like to try out new styles and trends. I also enjoy shopping and bringing new pieces into my wardrobe - so I don’t want to put any restrictions on myself in limiting how many items I can have in my closet. The following pieces are my keys to starting your capsule wardrobe, but wherever you go after that point is totally up to you!

The White Tee

A closet staple for decades, and something I can easily say will never go out of style - a fantastic white t-shirt is the foundation to any wardrobe. The plain white tee that’s perfect for you is up for you to decide but my favorite crew neck tee is the Lacausa Frank Tee; since it’s something I usually buy new I like to find more sustainable brands like Lacausa or Madewell. A white tee can go far in terms of styling - I love pairing it with my vintage skirt finds and it’s great for layering, or just pairing back with some blue jeans any day of the week.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I’m a denim girl, always have been and probably always will, so a key ingredient to my ‘capsule wardrobe’ is the perfect pair of jeans. The style may change now and again depending on what cut you’re comfortable in - but a great pair of jeans can pair back to any pieces in your wardrobe and can transition from day to night. I love wearing my thrifted Ralph Lauren mom jeans with my vintage blouses.

Tailored Trousers

For some, this may seem like an outdated staple but I love a good pair of trousers, especially a wide leg silhouette. Your take on the perfect pant can be anything from a silk trouser like I’m wearing to a cropped linen pant or a classic black jogger. But a great pair of tailored bottoms will take you far especially in Summer months when you want to give your denim a break on hotter days.

A Lightweight Layer

This is one of those instances in my capsule wardrobe where I stray a bit far from the rules. I believe in having a great lightweight jacket to add to a look anytime of day, and a denim jacket is a very wonderful contender for this position, BUT… for me, I can’t just stick to one lightweight layer in my line up because I’m such a layerer. But if you are one of those regimented folks who can stick to just one I’d say a classic denim piece like this Levi’s Trucker will take you far.

A Wear Anywhere Blouse

This one it totally open to interpretation for you - having a feel good top in your wardrobe that you can throw on for any occasion without thinking and you feel amazing it in. For me, this season it’s going to be this Akemi + Kin top from Anthropologie from two summers ago, I love the lightweight fabric, the fun print and the pastel color palette is just really speaking to me for Summer 2019.

Day to Night Dress

A comfortable dress you can take from day to night is a must to have in your closet whether you’re running to brunch with friends or preparing for a last minute rehearsal dinner invite. Mine coincidentally also happens to be an LBD which is about as classic as they come. This dress is great with a denim jacket and sneakers or on it’s own with some strappy sandals but I personally love this polka dot midi for some fun, print mixing.

So just to recap - I haven’t really finely curated my closet into a definitive capsule wardrobe. More so, I’ve defined the foundation of my closet and as I continue to shop (mainly thrifted pieces) I’ll focus on great neutral and versatile pieces I can build onto the foundation shown here. Would love to know how you feel about capsuling your wardrobe! Is it something you’ve tried? Do you have a clearly defined closet with x number of items for season after season? Let me know all about it down below!

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